Merciless escalation

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Donald Trump dismisses the head of the US cybersecurity agency because he does not support unfounded claims by the president. It is a call to reject democracy.

Christopher Krebs won’t have been surprised. The US Department of Homeland the head of Security’s cybersecurity agency – the agency that is also responsible for election security in the US – was high on the list of people Donald Trump wanted to get rid of. On it stand all those who oppose the unsubstantiated claims of the president that the election was rigged, votes were stolen and that he was actually the rightful winner.

Trump was once again no more than a tweet on Tuesday evening. Krebs’ statements that there was no manipulation were “highly inaccurate,” tweeted the president, repeating his allegations that the deceased had voted and that there were massive irregularities in the voting computers. The dismissal is only logical in the world of the incumbent US head of state. Because in this world, there is currently only one reality: Trumps. And in doing so, in the final days of this presidency, he is permanently damaging the democratic understanding on which the USA is based.

Krebs and representatives of other US authorities had opposed Trump’s reality in a joint statement. “The November 3rd election was the safest in US history,” said last week’s statement. There was no software manipulation or the like. Trump is not mentioned in the statement, but neither is it necessary. Krebs and his colleagues let the facts speak for themselves, were transparent and informed the public. So you focused on what constitutes a democracy.

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