Merkel announces friendship treaty with Great Britain

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Corona, the EM and German-British relations: The Chancellor and Prime Minister Johnson had a lot to discuss. Then the Queen received her for a private audience.
Germany and Great Britain want to put their relations on a new basis with a cooperation agreement and regular government consultations. This was announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) after their meeting at the country estate Checkers of the British Prime Minister near London.

Merkel said a “new chapter” would be opened after Great Britain leaves the European Union. The intergovernmental consultations – consultations between the heads of government and a large number of their ministers on critical issues in relations between the two countries – are to occur once a year. In addition, a “friendship agreement or cooperation agreement” is planned, which should map the entire breadth of the relationship, said Merkel.

Since the UK left the Union, Relations between the UK and the EU have remained tense. There is still a dispute over special rules for Northern Ireland. However, Johnson was very confident and said at the press conference: “With goodwill and patience, we can sort this out.”

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