Mike Pence will not declare Donald Trump incapacitated

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The Vice-President rules out the application of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Immediate removal of Trump through this process would set “a terrible precedent”.
US Vice President Mike Pence rejects the removal of US President Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. The Amendment should only be used in cases of medical or mental incapacity of the president and not as a means of punishment or usurpation, Pence wrote in a letter to Nancy Pelosi. “I do not believe that such action is in the best interests of our nation and accordance with our constitution,” the letter reads.

Pence could have the president declared unfit for office together with the cabinet and thus immediately take power away from him. But that was not in the best interests of the country, wrote Pence. It would only set a “terrible precedent”. The Democrats had passed a resolution in the House of Representatives that evening to formally call on Pence to initiate the removal of Trump via the constitutional Amendment. Pence sent the letter shortly before the resolution was passed.

The Vice President had so far been silent about the request. Most recently he announced that, unlike Trump, he would attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. In his letter to Pelosi, Pence went on to say that after the “terrible and tragic” events of the past week, the task now is to come together, heal the country and ensure an orderly handover to the government of future President Biden. He did not want to participate in “political games”, wrote Pence.

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