NATO calls on the Russian government to meet again

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The NATO Russia Council has not met for 19 months. Now the Russian government has been invited again. So far, Putin has refused to hold talks on Ukraine.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has called on the Russian government to hold a new meeting of the NATO-Russia Council. “We invited the Russian government to a new meeting over a year ago, but there was no positive answer,” Stoltenberg told the world. The NATO-Russia Council has not met for 19 months.

“We have a lot to discuss that is in the common interest of NATO and Russia,” said the NATO chief. The ball is now on Moscow’s side. “I would like to invite Russia again to take part in a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council as soon as possible,” said Stoltenberg. “Relations between NATO and Russia have now reached a low point that we haven’t seen since the end of the Cold War. Dialogue is the best way to address tensions.” The NATO-Russia Council is the appropriate format for this, he said.

As concrete topics for possible discussions, Stoltenberg named the mutual exchange about military manoeuvres “to prevent misunderstandings and possible escalation”. Another topic is “sufficient transparency” about the military activities of the other side to avoid unintentional accidents.

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