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NATO withdraws accreditation from eight Russian diplomats

The alliance accuses Russia of smuggling agents. You are no longer allowed to work in Brussels. The size of the Russian delegation will be further reduced.
NATO has withdrawn accreditation from eight Russian diplomats. The members of the Russian mission are secret service officials; the defence alliance founded the move. In addition, it had been decided to further reduce the maximum size of the Russian representation. Instead of 20, only ten people should be accredited in the future. The decision will take effect at the end of the month.

It initially remained unclear whether the Russian secret service officers at NATO were engaged in classic espionage or not declared confidential service employees. However, the decision to withdraw accreditation is based on your intelligence, and you do not comment on such, said a spokesman.

At the same time, NATO declared that it would remain ready for dialogue. “Our policy towards Russia remains consistent,” said a spokesman. The NATO-Russia Council remains an essential platform for discussion. More than 18 months ago, a new meeting of the council had been proposed. The ball is now with the Russians.
The State Duma’S the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Leonid Sluzki, condemned NATO’s actions. The allegations are unfounded. “We have not received any evidence,” he said in Moscow. He expects an “equal response” to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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