Netflix uses Images of the Real Train Disaster in Horror Film

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Netflix uses images of the real train disaster in horror film The Netflix horror film Death Note uses images of a real train disaster, which in 2010 killed 19 people in Belgium.

In the film, a fictional news broadcast can be seen, with aerial images of the real train disaster at Buizingen. According to the film, five cartel members had thrown themselves in front of the train, but in reality, a slow train collided with an intercity train. More than 160 people were injured.

Transport company NMBS reacts in the newspaper De Standaard angered to the unsolicited use of the images. “This shows little respect for the victims and the relatives.”

The company is considering taking steps against Netflix. “Disastrous and inadmissible”, also one of the survivors in the newspaper. “You’ll just sit and watch an evening movie and then be confronted again with the accident.”

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