New legal defeat for Trump

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The elected president experiences setbacks in important states in the fight against the election results. Republicans also sometimes let him down.
A federal court in the US state of Pennsylvania has given the incumbent US President Donald Trump another defeat in his fight against the election results. Trump’s lawyers had only presented “tried legal arguments of no value and speculative claims” without evidence, wrote Judge Matthew Brann in a statement published on Saturday evening (local time) for his decision. Trump and his Republican allies had previously failed other lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The injunction requested by Trump to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying the election results was thus rejected. Trump’s lawsuit also aimed to potentially invalidate millions of absentee votes. The arguments and evidence presented would not even have been enough to invalidate the vote of “a single voter”, wrote the judge. “Our people, our laws and institutions demand more,” he wrote.

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