New mass protests outside the White House

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A new large-scale anti-racism rally is taking place in Donald Trump’s headquarters. The authorities expect hundreds of thousands of participants.
Against racism, Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated and police violence in the United States. In Washington alone, thousands continued to gather in the streets around the White House the second weekend after George Floyd’s death. Officials expected up to 200,000 participants in the US capital – this would be the largest rally in Washington since the recent protests began. There were also protests in numerous other cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The White House, where US President Donald Trump stayed at the weekend, was largely cordoned off. Helicopters scanned the crowd. Many demonstrators carried posters saying “No Justice, No Peace” and kept kneeling down. Many also had photos of Floyd and other blacks killed by police officers.

At the National Mall, the long park in the heart of Washington, barriers and emergency services prevented demonstrators from climbing the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The black civil rights activist Martin Luther King had given his famous speech “I Had a Dream” in 1963.

Hundreds said goodbye to Floyd’s coffin.
“We have been fighting this struggle for many, many decades, for hundreds of years, and now is the time for a change and a better future,” said protester Christine Montgomery.

The unarmed Floyd was arrested in Minneapolis on May 25 for allegedly buying cigarettes at counterfeit money. A white policeman then pressed his knee on the neck of the man lying on the floor for almost nine minutes, who said several times that he was unable to breathe. Floyd eventually passed out and then died.

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