Prime Minister May Wants to Vote on ‘No Deal Brexit’ when Rejecting EU Agreement

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Theresa May proposes that the British House of Commons will vote on a strong Brexit in case the parliament does not agree with her deal with the European Union. She also wants a possible vote on the postponement of the Brexit.

It was declared on Sunday that May postponed the second vote on its EU deal in parliament. A new vote on its deal with the European Union was expected on Wednesday but has now been postponed to 12 March.

“We are still debating with the EU about possible changes to the agreement on the Northern Ireland backstop,” says May in a speech in parliament. She promised that any changes to her EU deal would be submitted to the lower house. “Before the important vote.”

This vote on its deal with the EU is supposed on 12 March. If her agreement does not receive sufficient support, she wants a vote on a ‘no deal Brexit’, or a hard Brexit.

Should the ‘no deal Brexit’ be voted out in that case, May would like a vote on the postponement of the departure of the UK from the EU. The two possible votes would, take place on 13 March. The Brexit is now scheduled for 29 March.

May’s decision follows Cabinet meeting on the Brexit. In it, she promised that there would be a vote on the ‘no deal-Brexit’ option.

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