Republican Congress paints a bleak picture of Biden’s Democrats

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The president’s son blasphemed “Peking-Biden”, others warn of the “horror” of a Democratic presidency. There is praise for Donald Trump’s crisis management.
The US Republicans praised incumbent Donald Trump at their party conference and sharply attacked his challenger Joe Biden. Speakers accused the opposition Democratic candidate of a weak stance in the fight against crime, anti-business policies and indulgence towards China. If Biden won the election, there was a threat of “anarchy” and economic decline. Trump, on the other hand, is a guarantee for internal security, economic growth and the right to own weapons.

The US President’s eldest son, Donald Trump Junior, blamed China for the coronavirus in his speech and ridiculed his father’s challenger as “Peking Biden”. Former Vice President Joe Biden was so weak, Trump Junior said, that intelligence agencies assumed the Chinese Communist Party preferred him. “They know that it will weaken us economically and on the world stage.”

Other speakers warned that the Democrats and their candidate, Biden, wanted to introduce socialism, disarm the Americans, and remove funding from the police – none of which is what the Democrats are asking for. At the same time, they praised the achievements of US President Donald Trump in his first term and expressly his crisis management during the corona pandemic.

Trump Junior also defended his father’s corona management: the president banned entry from China at an early stage, supplied hospitals with ventilators and mobilized the private sector in the fight against the virus. Now he is creating jobs. In polls, a majority of Americans are currently expressing dissatisfaction with Trump’s crisis management. The pandemic has

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