Ruud de Wild: “Olcay and I are dating.”

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When Willibrord Frequin (77) is a guest at the afternoon show of Ruud de Wild (50), he falls right at home. Willibrord namely wants to know everything about the relationship status of Ruud and Olcay (39) and the radio DJ cannot help it.

“Do you have a relationship or don’t have a relationship with Olcay?” Willibrord asks Ruud. Ruud is surprised by this question: “Yes, you have to ask her yourself. You have her number.

“Willibrord does not settle for this and immediately hits back:” No, I ask you. I want to know if she’s going to be with you.” On this Ruud can only explain how the fork works. “We date, yes, we date.”

Willibrord immediately wants to know all the details and immediately asks if Ruud is in her bed at night. “I don’t think so, but I promise nothing,” Ruud replies, laughing. Olcay told resources earlier that they were indeed up to date, partly thanks to her performance in the program.

Recently she was in the show Afterwards the two went for a drink and “that was very nice.” Although the presenter emphasizes that they take it easy.

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