Schwarzenegger settles accounts with Trump.

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The ex-governor drew parallels between the Reichspogromnacht and the storming of the Capitol. He calls Donald Trump the “worst president of all time”.
Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared the US Capitol’s storming by supporters of the elected President Donald Trump with the night of the pogroms in 1938. “Wednesday was broken glass day here in the US,” said Schwarzenegger in a video message on Twitter. “Night of the Broken Glass” is an English-speaking name for the events in Nazi Germany in 1938.

At that time there were riots against Jews and Jewish institutions across the country. The lack of protest by society made the National Socialists feel encouraged to advance plans to annihilate the Jewish population of Europe.
Schwarzenegger reported in his video about his experiences as a child in post-war Austria. At that time he was surrounded by “broken men”, “who tried to displace their guilt for participating in the worst regime in history” with alcohol, said the 73-year-old. His father and his neighbours were seduced by lies during the Nazi era – “and I know where such lies can lead”.

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