Secret government study warns of unregulated Brexit

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A tough Brexit could bring Britain into chaos. A media report cites government documents that predicted bottlenecks in food and medicines.

An unregulated Brexit could have dramatic consequences for the UK’s population. This is what Brexit opponents have been saying for months – and apparently also the British government itself. Supposedly Britain expects a shortage of food, medicines and gasoline. In addition, the government is assuming a multi-month collapse in the ports, a hard border with the Republic of Ireland and rising social costs.

The Sunday Times reports, referring to previously secret documents of the government study Operation Yellowhammer. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said they did not comment on documents that had been punched through. Members of the British government described the fears as exaggerated. Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng spoke of “fearfulness”. Michael Gove, who is responsible for no-bargain arranging, said the letter managed the direst outcome imaginable.

By contrast, the Sunday Times, citing an unnamed government source writes that the document describes “the most realistic assessment of the consequences” if Britain and the EU can not agree on a regulated Brexit. These scenarios are very likely and “not the worst case”.

Operation Yellowhammer draws the picture of a country that could sink into chaos. According to the Sunday Times, the study assumes that southern England could become a megastar because of customs controls. This would also affect supply, so fewer fresh foods could be imported from mainland Europe into the United Kingdom. English patients would need to hang tight longer for significant prescriptions like insulin and influenza immunizations

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