Take away statues? British Prime Minister cannot ‘photoshoot past.’

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Massive protests and historical statues being pulled from their plinth: it has been restless in Britain for days. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, there is certainly something to be done about racism, but ‘we cannot just photoshop the complex history of the country’.

Boris Johnson writes this in an opinion piece in The Telegraph, the newspaper for which he worked for years. Since the death of George Floyd, not only police brutality, but also racism has been widely criticized worldwide. This led to several massive demonstrations in Britain.

Last week a statue of a slave trader in Bristol was thrown into a river, a monument to former Prime Minister Churchill has been defaced, and a statue of a slave trader has been removed from the London Museum.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson writes that he does not ignore demonstrations, but also cannot ‘photoshop’ the cultural landscape. History cannot be rewritten.

Johnson is particularly bothered by protesters threatening to destroy the statue of former Prime Minister Churchill. Earlier, the statue was already defaced with the slogan: “He was a racist”.

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