‘Ten thousand Dutch victims of hack hotel chain MGM.’

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There is information from nearly ten thousand Dutch people on the stolen private information from more than 10 million guests from hotel chain MGM Resorts.
The NOS reports this Friday after inspecting the data, which ended up in a hackers forum earlier this week. This database contains data from 9800 Dutch people. These are hotel guests who have provided an address in the Netherlands or have an e-mail address that ends in .nl.

No passwords have been captured, but birth dates and Dutch e-mail addresses, names, home addresses and telephone numbers. The data is, therefore valuable for malicious parties who want to hack someone in a targeted manner or who want to commit identity fraud.

There are no MGM hotels in the Netherlands, which mainly have luxury hotels such as the Bellagio, MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The NOS was in contact with several victims, which says that they sometimes spent the night in such a hotel, sometimes years ago.

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