The French state, charged with Corona

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Hundreds of doctors are taking legal action against the government in Paris for failing to provide adequate protective clothing against the coronavirus. You may be right.

When Emmanuel Sarrazin received the first Covid 19 patients in his doctor’s office, he filed a complaint against the French government. That was on March 3, France had only one victim to suffer from the epidemic; all schools were still open. At that time, paramedics transported people into his group practice who had just come from the Italian Corona areas and were coughing terribly.

They sat in his crowded waiting room “without warning”, and Sarrazin had to treat their breathing problems without a mask. “It is incredible how unprepared we were ridden into this catastrophic situation,” he says. Sarrazin and his eleven colleagues were only able to continue working because a friend of his motor vehicle friends gave him masks from the auto repair shop. “It’s a farce. The Paris government has failed to protect its people.”

In the meantime, Sarrazin’s lawsuit has joined several hundred dentists, nurses, surgeons and emergency physicians in the “C19” collective. In total, the French government is faced with at least six cases. The lawsuits will be filed with the Court of Justice of the Republic (CRJ), the only body that can bring proceedings against incumbent government officials. A petition with around 300,000 signatures now calls to support the lawsuit. The charge is for failure to provide assistance and negligent homicide. The French government did not take the necessary precautions to protect the sick and caregivers from the corona epidemic. She should have provided masks and tests for Covid-19 in time.

Other countries do not have sufficient protective clothing, such as Spain. But in France, the lack becomes an explosive political issue. While German doctors treat the federal government in a friendly manner and Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks of caring for the weaker, French President Emmanuel Macron calls for the “war against the virus”. When he shows up in a hospital, doctors criticize him harshly. The population is no longer willing to be lenient with their government.

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