The guilty parties have already been found.

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The government does not want to be responsible for the British corona disaster. It was said to be incompetent officials. And criticism only comes from the elite.
It’s just about time before an investigation by the UK Parliament will have to uncover what went wrong in Britain this spring. Hardly any government has suffered such a disaster with the Corona pandemic as the British government. With 647 deaths per million people, Covid-19 struck harder in the UK than in any other country, including the United States and Brazil.

But the government has already found the culprit: the inept civil service apparatus, which did not see the crisis coming and did not react quickly enough. This week, therefore, the highest official in the British system of secretaries of state was forced out of office: Sir Mark Sedwill, cabinet secretary and security adviser.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already appointed his successor: David Frost, known as chief negotiator and opponent of EU negotiator Michel Barnier in the – so-far unsuccessful – talks about a free trade agreement after Brexit.

The curious thing about the personnel decision: Frost now also holds two offices, that of the chief negotiator in Brussels and that of the national security adviser. The latter is usually only officials who have worked their way up to the top in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Defense.

This is not the case with frost. But the former ambassador is a close advisor to Johnson, and he’s on the right side when it comes to Brexit. It was not long ago that he threatened Barnier with a no-deal Brexit if the EU did not react quickly to the British ideas. Sedwill, on the other hand, had warned the British of the serious consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

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