The US again blames Iran for an attack on oil tankers.

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Like Israel and Great Britain, the US sees Iran behind the attack on an oil tanker off Oman. So work on an “appropriate answer”.
In addition to Israel and Great Britain, the US has now also blamed Iran for the assault on a big oil haulier in the Gulf of Oman. “After examining the information available,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, they were convinced that Iran carried out this attack using disposable explosives and drones. The US government is now discussing with its allies to find an “appropriate response” to the attack.

The minister announced that there was no justification for such an attack. Iran’s actions threaten the freedom of navigation, international trade and the crew of ships. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had already stated that Britain was working with its partners to respond to the “unacceptable” attack. The British government believes that the attack is a “deliberate, deliberate and clear violation of international law by Iran”.

The tanker Mercer Street, managed by the company Zodiac Maritime, was attacked off the Omani island of Masira on Thursday evening. According to the shipping company, a Romanian and a British crew member were killed. So far, no one has admitted to the attack.

After the attack, the crew made an emergency call to which, according to the US government, US marines responded. They went on board Mercer Street to support the crew and saw evidence of the attack there. The shipping company belongs to the Zodiac Group of the Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer and is based in London.

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