The US sends officers to the Middle East in the wake of a raging international haven in Iraq

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The United States (US) sends approximately 750 additional soldiers to the Middle East in response to the raging of the US consulate in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Thousands of Iraqi demonstrators attacked the building on Tuesday because they are angry about a series of airstrikes on Iranian allied militias in Iraq.

Prior on Tuesday, it turned out to be sure that the US was sending more troops. A statement now talks about a complete battalion, “to ensure the safety of Americans in the area,” said defence minister Mark Esper.

US President Donald Trump accused Iran of being behind the large-scale demonstration on Tuesday. “I will have Iran pay a big price for every life lost in American settlements,” Trump said.

‘Retaliation action’ in the Syria-Iraq border area causes 25 deaths
On Sunday, the American army carried out airstrikes in the border region between Syria and Iraq. 25 people were killed.

It would be a retaliatory action for the death of an American in an attack in northern Iraq, behind which the Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah, supported by Iran, would be behind. Incidentally, the attack has not yet been claimed.

A demonstration against that action at the embassy got out of hand. Protesters smashed surveillance cameras, burned American flags and managed to enter the complex.

American personnel had to be evacuated. Marines and Apache attack helicopters were deployed to restore peace.

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