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Joe Biden relies on the experience and establishment of the Obama years in security and foreign policy. How will his team change America’s appearance in the world?
Citizens and rural service. Truth and values. Allies and security. These are the terms that coined the appearance of Joe Biden when he introduced some of his most important ministers and employees in the field of security and foreign policy on Tuesday. And then the future President of the USA stepped aside and left the podium to those with whom Biden wants to bring America back to the “head end of the table”, as he put it.

It was an unfamiliar picture after four years in the Donald Trump administration. The attention that is shared. Words that aren’t just about the President. Goals that aren’t only designed for America’s dominance. “We lead by the power of our role model,” said Biden. And the role model he and his Vice President Kamala Harris want to be as shown by the nominees and appointed by them in their short speeches.
Antony Blinken, for example, is the man who will represent the United States as foreign minister in the world in the future. The 58-year-old is an experienced foreign policymaker and has worked closely with Biden for years. Most recently, when Biden was Vice President, he was its national security advisor. He spent the Trump years on the fringes of political Washington, setting up a consulting firm and commenting on Secretary Mike Pompeo’s foreign policy on CNN and in the New York Times.

During his first appearance as foreign minister-designate, Blinken spoke of his grandfather, who had fled Russia to the USA, and the grandmother, who had fled from Hungary. In just a few words, he told the story of a family that was shaped by flight, but also by the USA, a country of immigration. And then he said another sentence that has rarely been heard here in the past four years. “We need partners.”

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