Thousands call for “Spring Revolution.”

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There have been new demonstrations against the junta in several cities in Myanmar. The protesters called for the “Spring Revolution”. Five people were killed.
According to media reports, in challenges the military government in Myanmar, at least five demonstrators have been killed.

Thousands took to the streets again on Sunday to demonstrate against the coup three months ago and for a return to democracy. The organizers of the protests called for the “worldwide Myanmar Spring Revolution”. The Myanmar people living in other countries should also demonstrate democracy.

Numerous people came together for rallies in several cities and towns in the Southeast Asian country. Buddhist monks led some. Thousands of people gathered in the economic metropolis of Yangon and the second-largest city, Mandalay.

According to local media reports, in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, security forces chased the demonstrators through the streets and arrested many of them. Several explosions could also be heard in the city that morning. The authorities blame “rioters” for the explosions that are being listened to more and more frequently.

The Myanmar Now news agency reported that two demonstrators were shot dead by security forces in downtown Wallet. According to other media, two other people were killed in northeastern Shan state. Another person died in the city of Hpakant, which is known for its jade mines.

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