Ibiza beach

Top Beaches of Ibiza for Lads Holidays

Ibiza is the finest location for spending lads holiday, this terminus is all about clubbing, dancing, partying and drinking but that’s not all, Ibiza is also famous for its beaches, you will find the most amazing beaches in this place.


1. AiguaBlanques
AgiuaBlanques is the most amazing beach in Ibiza, it acquires its name due to the white fizz formed in the sea, and when it is whipped with sea-breeze, it turns back to its original colour of magnificent turquoise. Blanques is the approved nudist beach of Ibiza.

2. Cala Bassa
Calabasas is pretty accessible from the happening town of San Antonio; you can either commute thorough bus or boat. Bassa is quite busy during the high season; nonetheless, it has extra attractions like rock pools and chilling under the shadow of Sabina trees.

3. CalaXarraca
Are you in love with clear water! Well, CalaXarraca is a trivial beach however it is the best place for those who love turquoise water and underwater adventures; it’s the ultimate place for scuba diving. CalaXarraca also offers mud-bath if you like to have free facial, then treat yourself with it.

4. CalaBenirrás
In the day Benirras beach is good for diving and water adventure but by the night time its well-known for its drummers who attract the enthusiastic partying mass as they “drum goodbye to the sun”.

5. CalaVadella
CalaVadella is an amazing family friendly beach; it has all the facilities to keep everybody consented. You will fall in honey with the white sand and sheltered bay of this beach.

6. CalaJondal
CalaJondal is the right place to be at, as the beach is famous for its partying and clear water, this place is fully loaded with a lot of fun activities and how can we forget, CalaJondal is the best place for sunbathing and getting that attractive tanned skin before getting in the party mood by evening.

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