Trade Union Ground Staff Criticizes Unequal Treatment at KLM

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The FNV Aviation trade union is dissatisfied that the ground staff at KLM are being treated differently from the pilots and is in danger of not signing the agreement to amend the terms of employment.


This agreement is essential for KLM to obtain state aid from the Dutch government.

The stumbling block is the term of the agreement, which is until the end of 2022 for the ground crew and only until March of that year for the pilots. FNV believes that if all parties have to submit something, it should be the same length.

“We have agreed with KLM that the agreements must be the same for all employees, which is what the government wants too,” says federal manager Jan van den Brink.

Moreover, it makes sense to the ground crew that the pilots in their eyes get “extras”, for example, for making private trips. “There is great indignation among ground staff about this unequal treatment,” says Van den Brink.

“Now only the highest-paid to receive a gift as a thank you for their contribution. If KLM wants to show appreciation, it must treat all employees equally.”

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