Trump and Erdogan Want to Avoid a Power Vacuum

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 US President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan have reached a deal by telephone on strategic agreements. A power vacuum in Syria should be prevented.

Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump have discussed over the telephone and agreed on a close vote on the upcoming US troop withdrawal. It should be ensured “coordination between the military, diplomats and other government representatives of their countries,” said the Turkish presidential office. They want to stop a power vacuum in Syria.

Earlier, Trump wrote on Twitter that he had had “a long and productive phone call” with Erdoğan, discussing “the slow and highly coordinated withdrawal of US forces” from Syria. Erdoğan wrote on Twitter that they both admitted to stepping up their country’s voting “on many issues, including trade relations and developments in Syria.”

Trump had stated on Wednesday, surprisingly, a complete withdrawal of 2,000 US soldiers from the bordering on Turkey civil war Syria. This has been criticised by the western allies of the United States, even in their own country, the decision is controversial.

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