Trump does not have to file a tax return – for the time being

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Little success for the US President: Donald Trump keeps his fabled tax papers secret, according to the Supreme Court. The final decision is not.

For years, the tax documents of the incumbent president in the US have been an issue. Above all, it is about the question: why Donald Trump does not disclose this, as it was common among its predecessors? And: Can he be forced by a court to present it to a committee of the House of Representatives? For the time being at least not, as the US Supreme Court has made clear.

The Supreme Court decreed on Monday that this was not necessary until the judges decided on the matter. Trump’s lawyers now have to file a formal appeal by December 5. It will probably be months before a final court decision on the case.

The Audit Committee had requested the documents from Trump’s accountancy firm for eight years under penalty of punishment, a so-called subpoena. At the beginning of November, an appeals court in Washington ruled that the subpoena was in place. Trump’s lawyers then called the Supreme Court.

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