Trump has taken the decision to withdraw 9,500 soldiers from Germany

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More than a quarter of the US troops are expected to leave the Federal Republic. Despite growing resistance in his own country, President Donald Trump approved the plan.
The partial withdrawal of American troops from Germany is a done deal. President Donald Trump agreed with Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s proposal to withdraw 9,500 of the approximately 34,500 US soldiers stationed in the Federal Republic, a Pentagon spokesman said. The representative didn’t give subtleties of when the withdrawal should begin and where the soldiers should be transferred to.

Leading US Senators from Democrats and Republicans had previously tried to prevent the US President’s plans by law. “The US troops withdrawal from Germany would be a blessing to Russia – and that is the specific inverse thing we should do,” said former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Democrats had stressed that US troop presence in Germany was in the mutual interest and that withdrawal would not make the United States safer.

However, the Pentagon justified the decision by saying that troop withdrawal strengthened NATO and deterred Russia. Defense Minister Esper and Chief of Staff Mark Milley had discussed the plans with Trump on Monday. Trump justified the step with the fact that Germany, as a NATO member, spends too little on defence and behaves unfairly in trade relations with the United States.

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