Boeing 737MAX

US air traffic control orders inspection of Boeing machines

The delivery of the long-haul Dreamliner jet could be delayed further. 222 machines must be examined for dangerous production defects.
The US aircraft company Boeing has to investigate possible production defects in the long-haul 787 Dreamliner. The US aviation authority FAA ordered around 222 aircraft inspections because there was a risk of damage to so-called decompression panels for separating the passenger area. According to the authority, the defect could have fatal consequences if air freight catches fire.

A statement from Boeing was initially not available. The Airbus rival has long been struggling with problems with the Dreamliner, which are slowing down deliveries of the critical model. The group is already severely hit by the consequences of the Corona crisis and the debacle over its best-selling 737 Max series, which was banned from flights worldwide for more than a year and a half after two crashes with a total of 346 deaths.
There are also changes in personnel at the group. As Boeing announced, two members of the board of directors are leaving. Susan Schwab and Arthur Collins would not stand for re-election at the April shareholders’ meeting. Collins chairs a committee that sets executive compensation.

Shareholders had sued Boeing because of the problems with the 737 Max aircraft and the billions in costs. You accuse the Boeing leadership of failing to develop the 737 Max. Managers and directors are also named in the complaint.

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