US and China end trading talks without result

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Only half a day lasted the recent trade talks between the US and Chinese representatives. China criticized the US president’s strategy.

Exchange specialists from China and the US have finished their discussions about a conceivable answer for the traditions debate with no noticeable outcomes. The meeting persisted only half a day and was already over 40 minutes before the scheduled end. Neither delegation meeting in Shanghai met with reporters about the possible outcome of the negotiations. Deputy Prime Minister Liu He said goodbye to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin, who left as soon as the talks ended.

Later, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it had agreed to continue talks in September. Both sides had an open, efficient and intensive exchange, it said in the message. It has been argued that China is increasing the purchase of US agricultural products “according to domestic needs” and that the US is creating favourable purchasing conditions. China had already suggested before the talks to increase the purchase of agricultural products from the US as a sign of goodwill. This is also a request from US President Donald Trump.

Trump accuses China of espousing economic espionage in the US and putting pressure on Chinese-based US companies to hand over their technology. The trade dispute, in which both countries faced each other with special tariffs, has damaged exports on both sides. The increased tariffs have limited trade in a variety of goods, from soybeans to medical devices.
Shortly before the talks, Trump accused the Chinese of artificially slowing down the trade talks to await the US presidential election in November 2020. “They will pray that Trump will lose,” said the US President. China would hope to have a weaker negotiating partner after the next election. Trump called on China to end the alleged stalling tactic. If he is re-elected, he wants to offer the Chinese a “much harder” deal than it is now.

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