US Army flies attacks on targets on the Syrian-Iraqi border

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According to the Pentagon, the renewed attacks were aimed at pro-Iranian targets, including an arsenal. Drone attacks on US personnel preceded this, it was said from Washington.

In the Iraqi-Syrian border region, the US military has carried out several airstrikes. As the Pentagon announced, the attacks were aimed at targets used by pro-Iranian militias. President Joe Biden authorized the “precise defensive attacks”, said John Kirby, press secretary for the US Department of Defense, on Sunday evening .

From the attacked facilities, militias launched drone strikes on US personnel and facilities in Iraq. There are two targets in Syria and one in Iraq. Weapons were stored there, among other things.

Kirby said the background was the ongoing series of attacks by Iran-backed groups against US targets in Iraq. Biden ordered military action to stop further attacks. The US acted by its right to self-defence.

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