biden and harris covid memorial

US government mourns 500,000 corona deaths.

At a memorial ceremony for pandemic deaths, Joe Biden warned against dulling society. The USA lost more people than in the two world wars.
The USA has now recorded more than 500,000 corona deaths. President Joe Biden spoke of “a truly gloomy, heartbreaking milestone”. Now, Covid-19 has already destroyed more lives than the First and Second World Wars and the Vietnam War together, Biden said in a White House speech.

He called on his compatriots not to become numb to suffering. “Even though we’ve been fighting this pandemic for so long, we have to fight back against becoming numb,” said Biden. He appealed to Americans to keep wearing masks, adhere to distance rules and get vaccinated when it is their turn.

“We have to end the policy of misinformation that has divided families, communities and the country. It has already cost too many lives,” he said, referring to the term of office of his predecessor Donald Trump.

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