US President Visits troops in Iraq

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Donald Trump has surprisingly travelled to Iraq. There he defended the Syria withdrawal. The US could no longer be a “World Police”.

At Christmas, US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania surprisingly paid a visit to US soldiers in Iraq. The White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Twitter. For safety reasons, the trip was not previously made public.

The spokeswoman for First Lady Melania spoke of a “surprise visit to our brave members of the US armed forces.” It was Trump’s first visit to US soldiers in a combat area since taking office.

The President landed at the Air Force Base Al-Asad. There he met US soldiers and army leaders. According to his spokeswoman, Trump visits the soldiers to “thank them for their dedication, success and sacrifice, and to wish them Merry Christmas.”

Trump’s visit coincides with a period of unrest in the US Department of Defense. Last week, Trump announced that it would withdraw the 2,000 US troops from neighbouring Syria because the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) had been defeated.

The decision caused considerable criticism both nationally and internationally. Experts consider the IS defeated by no means and a deduction for fatal.

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