Very well: Savannah and Charleston are the definitions of southern charm!

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America’s Deep South? Then you probably first think of cities like Memphis and Nashville – or the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. But a little more to the east you will find two more fantastic cities that show just as well what southern charm exactly means. Place one is called Savannah in Georgia, place two in Charleston, South Carolina.

Savannah is such a typical southern place in the state of Georgia. Historical mansions, cosy squares, shops where Spanish moss hangs over: you know it. It’s even so American that the most American film or they all have been recorded here – Forrest Gump. That happened in this park by the way:

The centre of Savannah is historic and consists of long streets that are here and there interrupted by green squares. Nice for walks through the city, handy to puff out every now and then. Especially during the high season, it can get very hot in Savannah …

The characteristic Antebellum houses are also typical of the city. You can find them on both sides of Whitaker Street and Bull Street, among others. The Sorrel-Weed House is a good example of this. The historic house is now a museum and is especially popular around Halloween: many Americans are convinced that it is haunting.


Charleston in South Carolina may have even more charisma than Savannah. In fact – because of its old streets, charming buildings and small parks, Charleston are also called “the most romantic city in America”. And yes – there is something to be said for that.

Charleston also has the necessary history, sometimes with little positive. Charleston, for example, played an important role during the Civil War. You can see this in the historic district of the city. You will find here among others the Old Slave Market, referring to one of the blackest pages of American history books.

Aquarium Wharf is very different: a park on the water full of jumping fountains from which you have a magnificent view of the water. In addition, this district is home to the South Carolina Aquarium. Learn more about the underwater life of America’s Deep South here.

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