“We will not lose unless they cheat.”

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Donald Trump claims that he cannot lose the November election if he does, then manipulated votes in the postal vote are to be blamed. He has no evidence for this.
US President Donald Trump refuses to guarantee that he will step down if he loses the November election. If he does not get required votes from the electorate, there can only be a fraud behind it: At least that is the argument that Trump has publicly voiced for the third time this week and which makes many people fear that Trump will not go and enter the country Chaos will fall.

“I want a smooth, nice transition,” said the president during a campaign appearance on Newport News, Virginia. “But they don’t add the other part: But it has to be an honest vote.”

This is exactly what Trump has been raising doubts about for months. He claims – without giving any evidence – that the postal vote will be manipulated. “We don’t want to be scammed and be stupid and say let’s make a surrender knowing there have been thousands and thousands of ballots and cheating made all the difference,” he said. “We won’t lose unless you cheat. That’s how I see it,” Trump said in front of his cheering supporters at the open-air rally.

His scenario: In the votes of the polling stations counted immediately, he would be ahead. The votes cast by letter, however, which take longer to count, could destroy this advantage. Hence, he claims that this delayed count has manipulated the votes.

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