Xavier Becerra is slated to become Joe Biden’s Minister of Health.

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The California attorney general is supposed to take the lead in the fight against Corona. Becerra would be the primary Latino to hold office and backing Obamacare.
According to insiders, the elected President Joe Biden wants to fill the office of health minister with the California attorney general Xavier Becerra. Several people familiar with the matter confirmed this to news agencies Reuters and AP. The New York Times reported on it first. If Becerra is confirmed as Minister of Health by the Senate, he would assume a critical part in the battle against the crown pandemic.

Becerra was the first Latino to be sworn in as the California Attorney General in 2017. Beforehand, he was an individual from the US House of Representatives for a very long time. The 62-year-old was also traded as a potential candidate for the US Department of Justice. Biden is under pressure from the Hispanic panel in Congress for not having considered Latinos in his cabinet. When he was elected, he had promised to form the most diverse cabinet of all time.

Becerra, California attorney general, led the efforts of several US states and the capital Washington against attempts by the Republicans to overturn President Barack Obama’s health care reform in court. Getting Obamacare is a significant concern of Biden, who was Vice President under Obama. During the election campaign, he had promised that, as president, he would build on the reform and, for example, reduce health costs for Americans.

Last week, Biden named some members of his health team: The disease expert Anthony Fauci is said to remain the government’s leading corona advisor during Biden’s tenure. Fauci is a member of the Corona task force of the incumbent President Donald Trump, although he partially rejects his crisis policy.

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